What is a tax preparer?

A lot of people don't need a tax preparer, as they are able to file and pay their taxes all by themselves, or they just don't trust a third party with their financial records so they do their taxes without professional assistance. Basically, a tax preparer is a person and/or computer software that helps a taxpayer with collecting, filling out, and organizing financial papers required to be sent off to the IRS. This process is called filing and paying your tax return. Some people aren't knowledgeable enough, or are too scared to file their taxes without assistance so they hire a professional to do it for them. This is so the taxpayer can be more organized, and can do everything they are required to do without having to break a sweat. Obviously, tax preparation performed by another person is considered a service, so the taxpayer would have to pay the tax preparer a fee for filing their taxes for them.

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