What does tax money get spent on?

Tax money is spent on pretty much everything you see around you. It pays for the public roads and highway systems, public and national parks, maintaining and creating public buildings and work places, and much more. A lot of what makes up our society depends on the money raised from taxpayers. State taxes allow for states and local municipalities to fund various projects and norms within the state in question. For example, taxpayer money for people who live in New York City can be used to renovate Central Park, provide better gear for firefighters, and/or help build up the new World Trade Center complex. On the federal level, it works in the same way, but mostly it allows the federal government to fund their departments and social plans. Taxes are the funds that allow for bills to be created in congress, and provides our leaders with budgets to be able to function logically and monetarily throughout the year. All in all, the taxes we pay are extremely important for the infrastructure of our society.

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